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Overcoming challenges facing the aquaculture industry

[Lexington, Kentucky] -- The challenges facing the future of the aquaculture industry are assailed on one side by the rising costs and on the other by environmental concerns, as well as a $1 billion deficit in the industry. What are the best guidelines to follow as we diversify species and methods used in aquaculture? Alltech's 23rd International Feed Industry Symposium will address these concerns during their three-day event in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, from May 21-23, 2007. The Symposium provides an opportunity for international aquaculture experts to discuss these impending issues and propose the most viable solutions that will advance animal feeding programs and ultimately human health.

During the Symposium, Alltech's aquaculture session will look at the following concerns, listed below:

  • Organic aquaculture production: A growing market and a growing role for NuPro? - Dr. Steven Craig, Virginia Tech, USA
  • Organic iron and zinc: A new paradigm for meeting sea bass requirements: Implications for health - John Sweetman, Ecomarine Ltd., Greece
  • Nutritional strategies for manipulating gene expression in fish: Where will this take us? - Dr. Ewen McLean, University of Illinois, USA
  • Livability, disease defense nutrition: Sea bass and sea bream experience with
    - Dr. Marisol Izquierdo, Groupe de Investigaci?n en Acuicultura, Spain

Other speakers include Dr. Colm Moran, Alltech France and Dan Fegan, Alltech Thailand; Dr. Lall Santosh, Institute for Marine Biosciences, Canada; Dr. Simon Davies, University of Plymouth, UK; Dr. Rick Barrows, Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station, USA; Dr. John Halver, University of Washington, USA, and Dr. Stephan Gunther, Empreas Aquachile SA, Chile.

"Alltech's Symposium will allow industry experts to come together to explore and present the latest research on areas such as organic aquaculture production, recognizing the reality of the aquaculture mycotoxin problem, designing aquaculture feeds using new technologies, reducing reliance on fishmeal with NuPro?, and the importance of maintaining gut health," said Dan Fegan, Alltech's Regional Technical Manager for aquaculture.

Species sessions will also be held in the areas of dairy, poultry, equine, pet, pig, and food quality and legislation.

Alltech is the proud sponsor of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010(TM) to be held in Kentucky, USA.

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