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North American University Seminar Series: Bringing Academia and Industry Together

Founded in 1980, Alltech ranks as one of the world's leading animal health companies, and believes that linking academia and industry is key to their mutual success. This belief gave rise to the Bioscience Center concept where MSc and PhD students work in concert with the agricultural industry. Alltech's three Bioscience Centers are located in China, Ireland and Kentucky, USA. According to Dr. Karl Dawson, Alltech Worldwide Research Director, 180 doctoral and masters students will conduct industry-related research at the Bioscience Centers over the next five years.


Explore mineral nutrition as we redefine the requirements for maximizing animal productivity, profitability and performance using advances in trace minerals.

o Health and Performance Through Nutritional Innovation

o Redefining Trace Mineral Nutrition

Join us to discuss the impact of mineral technology on food safety, profitability, and the environment.


  • September 29 - University of Florida
  • October 4 - University of Manitoba
  • October 6 - California State University - Chico
  • October 7 - Auburn University
  • October 10 - University of Kentucky
  • October 12 - Mississippi State University
  • October 17 - University of Delaware
  • October 18 - Colorado State University
  • October 19 - Fresno State University
  • October 20 - California Polytechnic State University
  • October 28 - Penn State University
  • October 31 - University of Alberta
  • November 3 - University of Maine
  • November 4 - Oklahoma State University
  • November 10 - University of Tennessee
  • November 15 - Utah State University
  • November 17 - University of Nevada - Reno
  • November 28 - Ohio State University

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