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New Mineral Nutrition Book Launched

Nottingham University Press has recently published a new textbook entitled "Re-defining Mineral Nutrition". Featuring chapters from some of the world?s leading authorities. The fundamental aim of the publication is to re-examine the current status of mineral recommendations for animals and to look at how minerals are applied in feeds for poultry, pigs and ruminants.

The publication enables readers to obtain an overview of key elements of related disciplines, while relating the science back to practical animal production. It contains updated information on the status of legislation and pollution concerns, and discusses innovative applications of minerals in animal feeds while maintaining performance and health within stricter guidelines. Finally the book covers the role of minerals in various aspects of growth, nutrition, immunity, and health.

"Re-defining Mineral Nutrition" is written for nutritionists and animal producers as well as students and researchers studying animal and applied biological sciences.

The book was coordinated and edited by Dr. Lucy Tucker and Dr. Julie Taylor-Pickard and is comprised of a collection of papers from a series of one-day seminars hosted by Alltech.

For a copy of the book please contact Nottingham University Press:

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Editor's notes:
Dr. Julie Taylor-Pickard, a nutritionist, obtained her PhD specialisng in post-weaned piglets with particular emphasis on enhancing gut health and immunity. Currently she initiates, supports and interprets pig research activities in Europe, specialising in providing natural solutions to optimise animal performance and efficiency. Previously she worked with pharmaceutical applications in the monogastric sector.

Dr. Lucy Tucker is a biologist with experience in developing commercial gut-active feed ingredients, as well as conducting animal physiology and nutrition research. She holds a degree in Biological Sciences and a PhD in the interaction between feed materials, physiology and digestion, hence the interest across in-depth and applied animal science fields.