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The new energy crisis featured at Alltech's Symposium

[Dublin, Ireland] -- The shift in corn use toward fuel ethanol has wide-ranging implications for the animal feed industry in terms of feed costs, availability, and ration formulation.New technologies will be required to address this energy crisis, and some of that technology already exists. What energy sources will we use in the future? What do we need to know about by-products such as distillers dried grains (DDGs)? What technologies can help maximize nutrient extraction during digestion? With the higher prices of traditional sources, alternatives of all sorts are getting a fresh look.

These topics and related health and welfare issues are on the minds of livestock producers and feed manufacturers, who rightfully ask of industry and academia 'what progress is being made?' As such, Alltech's 23rd ?International Feed Industry Symposium is centered on "The new energy crisis: Food, Feed or Fuel? ?Will ethanol displace gasoline or simply take food off our plates and feed from our animals?"? Keynote speakers will examine how practices, products, and programs will ultimately affect how we utilize feed energy as well as protein ingredient resources. ?This year's event will take place from May 20- 23, 2007, in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

The plenary sessions will also examine areas of growing concern including the pitfalls of selenium analysis in feed; going global with a feed ingredient quality system; developing new techniques for in-feed analysis; higher production with lower environmental impact, and how dietary fiber change could help resistance to enteric diseases.? There will also be species-specific sessions for the pig, poultry, dairy, beef, equine, and pet sectors.

Dr. Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech, will discuss, "The corn crisis: Are there opportunities? Will ethanol simply displace gasoline or will it ultimately take feed out of the bunk and food off the table?"? Are there alternative solutions available to provide adequate feed for our livestock and food for a growing world population?

Dr. Kate Jacques, Alltech's director of nutrition, will investigate the implications of "Agribusiness, selenium, and HIV: Finding a role in the fight against AIDS" and how these are inextricably linked in the conquest to find a sustainable solution.

In addition, the winners of the 2007 Medal of Excellence and Young Animal Scientist Competition will be announced during the Symposium.

Last year's Symposium saw a record attendance of 1,500 professionals from around the globe as a result of the outstanding speakers and their talks on the latest advances in the animal feed industry. ?Also in 2006, a scientific poster session featured 350 posters.