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New Alltech Biosciences Center to Open in Thailand

[Lexington, Kentucky] - Alltech continues its global development and commitment to the emerging Asia-Pacific region with the opening of the Alltech Asia-Pacific Biosciences Center in Thailand. An official opening is scheduled for September 2006. The laboratory will be housed in the Thailand Science Park near Thammasat University and the Asian Institute of Technology in Pathumthani Province north of Bangkok.

Activities at the new center will be led by Dr. Keith Filer, Alltech research manager, who brings with him extensive knowledge and experience in areas of enzyme technology, fermentation chemistry, biochemistry and knowledge of solid state fermentation. Dr. Filer has been a research scientist at Alltech's Bioscience Center in Kentucky since 1997.

The new laboratory will be committed to an active research program focused on the use of regionally important substrates and by-products for use in solid state fermentation enzyme production and applications. These new technologies promise to revolutionize feed formulation strategies around the world by providing new, inexpensive ingredients for swine and poultry diets.

?"The Biosciences Center in Thailand will enable Alltech to provide faster and more efficient local services in terms of research and development," said Dr. Keith Filer.

The center will also provide technical laboratory support for research activities, quality control assurance, and the analytical services associated with routine product applications. The laboratory will coordinate communication for managing all internal and external research activities in the region, with specific emphasis placed on external research projects at other nearby research institutions. It will also play a critical role in developing high-quality field demonstration projects and sponsored student-related activities. The Biosciences Center will initially employ five to eight people. This is Alltech's third global Biosciences Center. The other Centers are located in the USA and Ireland.


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