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Medal of Excellence Awarded to Asia-Pacific Professor

[Lexington, KY] - Professor Mingan Choct of the University of New England, Australia, was the 15th recipient of Alltech's Medal of Excellence. The medal was presented to Professor Choct at the opening of Alltech's Annual Feed Industry Symposium, in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, on Monday May 22nd, 2005. Each year the winner is chosen for his or her exceptional research into natural and advanced solutions to animal health.

Professor Choct received the prestigious award for his pioneering work over the past decade on new innovative developments in poultry feed. Professor Choct's work on enzymes and poultry was highlighted during his presentation at Symposium, "Bringing food to the table and profit to the farm: the role of biotechnology in alternative feed ingredient utilization."

On receiving the award, Professor Choct commented, "the animal feed industry has many great scientists continuously researching and striving to find solutions to the difficulties facing the feed business. Without these pioneers the industry would not be able to take the leaps and bounds it needs to move forward. I am delighted to be honored with such recognition."

Professor Choct holds his position at the School of Rural Science and Agriculture at the University of New England, where he specializes in monogastric animal production in carbohydrate chemistry, feed enzymes and monogastric nutrition.

Professor Choct will now be among a list of outstanding winners of the Medal of Excellence including: Dr. Charles Maxwell, University of Arkansas, USA; Dr. Trevor Smith, University of Guelph, Canada; Dr. Frank Edens, North Carolina State University, USA; and Dr. Paul Moughan, Massey University, New Zealand.