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Latin America Shows Great Interest in Alltech's Lecture Tour

[Lexington, KY.] - Alltech's Latin American Lecture Tour, on its first stage, covered the following countries during the first week of April 2005: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. Local industry leaders and customers, from technical to administrative levels, received information on regional and global agricultural investigations, based on the use of natural resources. This event is part of Alltech's Marketing Program "Marketing through Education", that has a global coverage in other regions such as Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

With an outstanding attendance in all countries, Costa Rica and Colombia reported record high numbers. At the Dominican Republic, a large amount of top managers from the most important companies were present, and Mexico experienced full meeting rooms in four different cities.

The main purpose of this tour was to provide analysis and practical solutions on protection against mycotoxins, the use of Bio-Mos? as an alternative to the application of antibiotics and the importance of nucleotides in animal feed, in order to create competitive advantages. This was successfully accomplished by the speakers. Alltech's President, Dr. Pearse Lyons, challenged the participants at the end to re-imagine the feed industry.

In September 2005, the Lecture Tour will continue in the following Latin American countries: Brazil, Chile, Argentina, El Salvador and Guatemala.