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Kentucky Ale, Irish Dancers Draw Crowd at IFT Food Expo

Alltech's Kentucky Ale, Kentucky Light, Dippin' Dots ice cream, and a line of Irish dancers drew large crowds each day to Alltech's booth at the IFT Food Expo 2004, July 13-16 in Las Vegas, NV. In just three afternoons, the Alltech staff distributed more than 5,000 glasses of beer. The company's booth theme for this year was "Re-imagining the food industry".

IFT participants were asked to imagine:

  • New ways to enhance the value of their product.
  • Finding natural solutions to food industry challenges.
  • Better, healthier, and more palatable foods.

Alltech is a leading supplier of specialized ingredients to the food industry. Dr. Gomez-Basauri, Managing Director of Alltech's Global Foods Division indicated that the company strives to provide innovative products to customers around the world with nutrition, health, and well-being in mind.

Fermentation technology is one of Alltech's core competencies. In the food industry, Alltech uses this technology to create products such as nutritional yeast extracts, yeast extracts as flavor enhancers and other yeast derivatives. Alltech also produces enzymes, antioxidants and proteinated materials.