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Industry Professionals Create, Innovate and Elevate the Animal Feed Industry at Annual Symposium

[LEXINGTON, KY.] - Alltech's 21st International Feed Industry Symposium drew to a close on Wednesday, 25th May 2005. More than 1,500 participants from 69 countries attended the three days of lectures, where industry leaders discussed new technologies for animal nutrition.
Delegates attended species-specific lectures on pig, poultry, dairy and beef, equine, pet, aquaculture and food nutrition, where they were challenged to create new products and use innovative technology to elevate the future of the industry.

Dr. Pearse Lyons, President of Alltech, opening speech stressed the need to understand and respond to the changes in the operating environment and he identified current strategies to ensure survival and enhance profitability. Dr. Lyons emphasized that "the concurrent problem of high cost and reduced availability of proteins can be addressed by using enzymes and thus increases the availability of nutrients in ingredients". He further added "the legislative restriction on the use of antibiotics creates an opportunity for mannanoligosaccharides derived from yeast culture and environmental laws restricting excretion of phosphorous suggests potential for supplemental phytase and bioplexed minerals". Dr. Lyons also focused on the impact of mycotoxins on the animal feed industry and he explained that efficient mycotoxin binders decrease the impact of toxins, which are widespread in grains and oilseed feed. Dr. Lyons also made reference to new innovative advancements such as fermentation technology, which provides an opportunity to supplement human diets with required nutrients including selenium through enriched eggs, meat and milk.

Keynote speakers included Dr. David Byrne, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection (1999-2004), who addressed food safety and traceability and emphasized the need for maintaining confidence in the integrity of the supply chain. The Medal of Excellence winner, Dr. Mingan Choct, discussed the role of biotechnology in alternative feed ingredient for poultry and monogastric species. Dr. Choct further added that in order to feed burgeoning populations, the intensive animal feed industry will be obliged to use non-conventional ingredients including sunflower, safflower and by-products of alcohol fermentation.

Dr. Lyons concluded that due to "the legislative restrictions and the stringency of environmental regulations, intensive animal industries will adopt products from biotechnology to reduce costs through enhanced productivity and quality. We must be forward thinking. We must think differently than we have in the past. Today's problems are not going to be solved with today's technologies. We have to be visionaries for our industry".

Dr. Karl Dawson, Alltech Director of Worldwide Research, led the closing session on nutrigenomics. "From antibiotic resistance to selenium supplementation, nutrigenomics will allow us to decide the specific nutrients animals need". He further added that, " not only will this make diagnosing and delivering nutrients to animals much more precise, but the human implications will be staggering".

Alltech's 22nd International Feed Industry Symposium will be held from the 23rd - 26th April 2006.