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Industry Meeting Promises Positive Solutions for the Pig Industry

[Dublin, IRELAND] - The Pig Session at Alltech's 25th International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium (May 17-20, 2009) will tackle the important question of how the pig industry can be strengthened to improve the efficiency of production so as to provide more affordable protein and capture growing market share. Sustainable, profitable pork production is one of the biggest business opportunities for this sector and could be the next source of competitive advantage.

Burger giant McDonalds is cashing in on the credit crunch with global sales for January reported to have increased by 7.1% compared to 2008 figures. Cash-strapped consumers are now switching to low-cost, safe fast food instead of dinning in higher priced restaurants. The pigmeat sector like the beef sector can position itself to exploit this market opportunity.

As concerns over the global credit crunch, recent feed scares, competitiveness of pigmeat production and traceability continue to mount in the pig sector; nutrition, health status and safe food will provide the foundations on which the pig industry can capture this golden market opportunity.

Alltech's Pig Session will open the discussion on how to help the pig industry seize the opportunities available in a rapidly transforming marketplace. Leading pig and industry experts will address areas such as new cellulosic raw materials, solid state fermentation technologies and the benefits these technologies could have on pigmeat production at a time when the world is consuming and demanding more affordable protein. It will review an array of initiatives from Germany, Chile, Ireland, USA, UK and France. Among the speakers are: J. Pettigrew, University of Illinois, USA; Tom Clemens, Clemens Food Group, Pennsylvania, USA; J. Sporke, Asesorias Portc, Ltda, Chile; Bill Close, Close Consultancy, United Kingdom; ?and J. Le Dividich, INRA St. Gilles, France.

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