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Industry leaders participate in fact-finding mission

[Lexington, Kentucky] - How did the European poultry industry change with the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in January 2006? To help answer this and other questions regarding poultry management without the use of antibiotics, a group of AMEVEA members from Argentina visited Europe upon an invitation by global animal health company Alltech.

"The aim of the tour was for the participants to obtain a better understanding of the poultry industry in Europe," said Felipe Fagundes, manager for Alltech Argentina and poultry manager for Alltech Latin America. The group visited a variety of companies including Alltech's European Biosciences Center in Ireland, as well as Aviforum, a poultry experimental research site and Bell AG, one of the biggest poultry manufactures in Switzerland. They also visited the University of Bologna, one of the oldest universities in the world, where they examined feed quality, technology, and poultry meat processing techniques.

Argentina is becoming an important player in exporting poultry and as a result a group of veterinarians from Fepasa, Granja Tres Arroyos, Soych?, Las Carmelias and Super, participated in the Alltech Bio-Mos? European Poultry Tour as part of a fact finding mission. The group visited Ireland, Switzerland and Italy, where they learned about the implications on the recent European ban on antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs).

AMEVEA is a veterinary association that represents the five largest poultry companies in Argentina, which in turn represents 60% of the poultry market. The purpose of this association is to maintain a continuous exchange of knowledge that will guide the industry players to better poultry production and management activity.

Felipe Fagundes further added that, "The participants learned how in many of these countries poultry producers are using Alltech's Bio-Mos as an alternative to AGPs and that all of the poultry industry in Europe is fully traceable".

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