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Industry Leaders Discuss Maximising Poultry and Pig Production in the Face of Low Cost Competition

[DUNBOYNE, Ireland] - Alltech, the global animal health company, hosted a successful series of meetings focusing the impact of fertility on poultry and pig productivity (October 18th-21st 2005. A dynamic group of international speakers presented to a diverse audience of industry professionals from across Europe.

Key speakers at the poultry meetings on "Maximising poultry performance in the face of low cost competition" included, Prof. Park Waldroup, University of Arkansas who presented on "Striving for a feed conversion ratio of 1:0 and the challenges we need to improve." He challenged the delegates to make a paradigm shift on decreasing feed conversion in order to decrease the production cost and maximize poultry performance.

Dr. Jean Pierre Brillard, INRA, France spoke on "Recent developments in the fertility of turkeys" and Dr. Rob Renema, University of Alberta, USA, presented on "Examining the impact of nutrition on the fertility of broiler breeders". The talks emphasized the importance of understanding fertility and the role antioxidants such as selenium play in the quality of sperm. They also stressed the important role of other minerals such as zinc and magnesium on poultry fertility.

The pig meetings entitled "Novel approaches to pig reproduction" highlighted various solutions to increase the reproductive capabilities of pigs. One of the speakers included, Prof. Merlin Lindemann, University of Kentucky, USA who presented on "Recent advances in sow reproductive function". He examined the paucity of data concerning the vitamin and mineral requirements of the modern geneotype. Professor Lindemann also explained the importance of sources and forms of minerals, including the improved bioavailability of organic minerals. Dr. David Henman, QAF Industries, Australia spoke on "Optimising reproductive performance: Management strategies in a large integrated commercial system". His talk further addressed the issue of adequate nutrition as a primary factor in optimizing sow reproductive efficiency and profitability.

Prof. Karl Dawson, Alltech Inc., USA discussed "Nutrigenomics - Feeding the genes for fertility". Prof. Dawson suggested three applications of nutrigenomics in animal production:
1. Development of a rapid technique for evaluating the reproductive status
2. Development of a nutritional matrix that will be able to address deficiencies in the reproductive state
3. Real time or close-to-real time nutritional strategies for addressing fertility issues

Alltech's Bioplex? Organic Minerals and Sel-Plex?, organic selenium featured during the series of meetings, as viable and cost effective methods of assisting pig and poultry reproduction. According to Patrick Charlton, Global Bioplex Champion " Bioplex minerals and Sel-Plex can help match pig and poultry nutrition with the advances in pig and poultry genetics".