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Industry Leaders Discuss the Future of Growth Promotion

[DUNBOYNE, Ireland] - Alltech, the global animal health company hosted a successful series of six meetings focusing on the Future of Growth Promotion in Ruminants, Poultry and Pigs (14-22 April 2005). A dynamic group of speakers from Europe, North America and Asia spoke on the impact that growth promotion will have on animal welfare in the future. The meetings attracted an international audience from across Europe, and North and South America; with up to 40% of Europe's key livestock industry professionals and over 25% of Brazil's broiler industry leaders attending.

One of the speakers, Mingan Choct, University of New England, Australia explained, "The landscape is changing as we begin to understand the gut microflora".

John Pluske, Murdoch University, Australia further added, "In order to evaluate alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs), choose a product that has scientifically valid trials, manufactured by a credible company and has a plausible mode of action".

Alltech's natural growth promoter, Bio-Mos? featured during the series of meetings, as a viable and cost effective alternative to antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs). According to Andi Kocher, Alltech, Ireland "Bio-Mos - is the cost-effective tool to reach the genetic potential of pigs and poultry".

For 25 years, Alltech has been researching and developing natural and strategic feeding solutions for the animal feed industry around the world. One of the particular strengths of Alltech is its collaborative approach to working with its customers. The ability to put resources directly at the disposal of a partner feed company differentiates Alltech in the marketplace. This year will indeed be a year of change in the future of growth promotion.