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Industry Experts Gather for Gut Health Meetings in Georgia

[ATHENS, Ga.] -Poultry experts gathered for a close look at GI tract health in birds. On March 3 and 4, 2005, Alltech hosted a Gut Health Poultry Roundtable, including panel presentations and posting sessions, with The University of Georgia, where select specialists and veterinarians from the North America gained insight to the impact of intestinal health on flock performance.

Dr. Greg Mathis hosted the posting session at the Southern Poultry Research facility. The facility provides poultry services for nutritional research, infectious disease research, and carcass yield. Since its inception in 1984, Dr. Mathis, the owner, has witnessed incredible growth within their facilities including pellet mills, a hatchery and microbiological testing facilities. Southern Poultry Research works closely with The University of Georgia's Poultry Science and Extension Department and Poultry Research and Diagnostic Center.

Broilers posted in the session ranged from 1 week of age to 4 weeks of age. Attendees were able to observe gut health and structure and clearly see why certain birds proved healthier than others. Birds in the 1 to 2 week ranges gave the best indication of what and how a healthy or poor gut should look and feel. Once the bird gets above this age range, it becomes more difficult and costly to reverse the effects poor GI tract health.

Dr. Steve Collett, professor at The University of Georgia, gave a collaborative demonstration of the bird's intestinal and anatomical composition. He highlighted specific differences in villi structure, muscle composition, and gizzard structure in birds given four different treatments. Dr. Collett also stressed the importance of fecal color in the ceca.

Alltech endeavors to provide an informative and interactive forum for poultry industry professionals. This program, having been approved by the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine, allowed attendees to receive eight hours of continuing education credits. This is part of Alltech's overarching goal to provide relevant, practical information to those in the agriculture industry.

2005 marks Alltech's 25th year in the animal feed and food business. In the span of those 25 years Alltech's presence has grown to include offices and distributors in 85 countries and more than 1,500 employees around the world.