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Gut Health Drives Performance: A Feature at European Lecture Tour

[Dunboyne, Ireland] - Alltech's 20th European Lecture Tour (ELT) reached the 2,000-attendee mark as the tour drew to a close in Casablanca, Morocco. After 35 stops in 30 countries throughout Europe and North Africa, the Future of Growth Promotion lecture tour was a tremendous success in terms of providing alternative solutions for the future of the feed industry and in particular on the topic of gut health.

Dr. Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech, discussed the lessons learned over the past 25 years and the importance of applying new technologies and building collaborative relationships. Dr. Lyons urged the audiences to create the future by using their core competencies to break the mental barriers in order to maintain a competitive advantage in the business. His key message was to use the 5 Ds - dream, dare, desire, decide and dedicate yourself to any project and success will come.

Dr. Karl Dawson, Alltech's director of research worldwide, and Alltech's Dr. Ronan Power, director of North American research, looked at natural approaches to improving gut health that are cost effective, sustainable and farm specific. They also emphasised the growing field of nutrigenomics and the important role this innovative advancement will play in the future of animal nutrition. This new advancement in technology can determine the response of various genes to elements of nutrition and thereby determine which genes need to be ?EUR~switched on' or ?EUR~off' to reduce an animal's stress response.

Expanding on this theme, Dr. Peter Spring, Swiss College of Agriculture, Switzerland, and Dr. Andreas Kocher, Bio-Mos global strategy manager, Alltech, urged producers to focus on the nutrition of the breeder to optimise the quality of the day old animal and the importance of an early substantial intake of the colostrums.

Dr. Jules Taylor-Pickard, Alltech's European technical team manager, and Dr. Sylvie Andrieu, Alltech's European ruminant technical manager, highlighted some of the recent developments in nutrition, which lead to an improvement in health and immunity.

For over 25 years, Alltech has been researching and providing natural, nutritional solutions to the challenges of the animal feed industry. With over 400 trials and 13 years of research, brands such as Bio-Mos? and Bioplex? have proven to be successful for animal health and management. These brands and others in Alltech's global product range are unique examples of how natural technologies, supported by research and practical results, can move animal production forward.

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