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Functional Foods a Highlight for Alltech's Symposium

[Lexington, Kentucky] - Health conscious consumers are continuously demanding more nutritious and natural products. As a result, there is a growing demand for more functional and designer foods in the marketplace and they are set to grow at a rate of 20% in 2006.?? Minerals such as selenium will play a functional role as an antioxidant, particularly in the areas of immunity, fertility and muscle function. These areas of concern and more will be addressed at the food session of Alltech's 22nd International Feed Industry Symposium on April 23-26, 2006.? The event brings industry leaders from around the world to Lexington, Kentucky, USA, to discuss these latest advances and their impact on animal and human health.

Topics and speakers include:
o Cancer and its relation to selenium - Lynn Ferguson, University of Auckland, New Zealand.
o Immunosaccharides and food formulation - Colm Moran, Alltech, USA.
o Why does selenium status decline with age? - Gerhard Schrauzer, Biological Trace Research Institute, Germany.
o The Swiss industry for natural foods: Lessons for the world - Caspar Wenk, Institute of Animal Sciences, Switzerland.

Other speakers include Patrick Charlton, Kate Jacques and Peter Surai of Alltech, as well as Andi Shane from the University of California, USA.

"We're looking forward to having a diverse group of industry professionals gather in one place to discuss issues the food sector is facing worldwide," said Peter Murphy, Business Manager of Alltech's Food Division. "Research in the food industry has grown significantly in the past several years, and we are excited to host an event in which we explore the most recent developments."

"The most successful businesses in the future will be the ones that adapt quickly to innovative technologies in order to maintain a competitive advantage. We are delighted to welcome speakers and attendees from around the world to learn more about some of these technologies," said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech.

Species sessions will also be held in the areas of dairy/beef, swine, poultry, pig, equine, aquaculture and pets. Everyone is welcome to attend the sessions after completing the required pre-registration with Alltech. Please contact a local Alltech representative or visit for more information.