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FDA Clears Alltech's Sel-Plex? Selenium Source for Dogs

[Lexington, Ky.] - The Food and Drug Administration recently gave Alltech a letter of non-objection, allowing the use of Sel-Plex in canine diets.

"Dog owners and breeders have reason to be excited about this clearance, because Sel-Plex represents a nutritional breakthrough that will help them ensure optimal selenium status that is key to the health and well-being of all dogs," said Dr. Karl Dawson, Alltech's director of worldwide research.

Laboratory analyses have clearly established that not all selenium yeast products are the same. Yeasts differ genetically, which determines how selenium is distributed in cells. These differences result in variation in Se forms and locations in yeast, which in turn holds implications for product performance. Lab results show Sel-Plex is 99.3% organic, which is significantly higher than other sources analyzed. Sel-Plex is the only product with safety & toxicity data that was FDA-reviewed and approved. AAFCO based its definition of Se yeast on Sel-Plex and its method of manufacture.

"The FDA's review of Sel-Plex - the only selenium yeast they reviewed - should give pet food manufacturers and dog owners confidence in the supplement's ability to boost selenium status safely and effectively," said Dawson.

Sel-Plex provides an organic selenium presented in the same forms found in nature. That means the selenium in Sel-Plex is more digestible than inorganic forms and better retained, which lets the animal build nutrient reserves.

Since 2000, Sel-Plex has received FDA approval for use in chicken, turkey, swine, and, most recently, beef and dairy feeds. The product's availability now in canine diets gives pet food manufacturers, breeders and dog owners a new tool for providing optimum nutrition for optimum health and well-being.

Sel-Plex for canine diets extends the ways in which pet food manufacturers, breeders and dog owners can provide optimum nutrition for optimum health, and well-being.