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Dynamic Insights into Stock Performance and Health Explored

[Dublin, IRELAND] - ?'Elevating Stock Performance and Health - Gut Efficiency; The Key Ingredient', gathered 60 participants from 20 countries to Alltech's European Bioscience Centre, where they spent two days deliberating about key issues affecting the future of the Aquaculture industry.

The meeting was chaired by John Sweetman, European technical manager and Aidan Connolly, vice-president, Alltech Europe. Strong participation was evident from all the key feed producers and was matched by the presence of many of Europe's largest fish producers and national research institutions from all industry sectors.?

John Sweetman, Alltech's European technical manager, opens proceedings at 'Elevating Stock Performance and Health Gut Efficiency; The Key Ingredient' technical seminar held in Alltech's European Bioscience Centre, Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Ireland.

The invited keynote speaker was Dr Shuichi Satoh from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan. He discussed concerns of sustainability and optimal feed utilisation while Dr Kurt Buchmann and Per Kania from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark described in detail the immunological defence of fish and featured novel work concerning the function and action of mannose binding lectins and their importance in the activation of the fish immune systems.

Prof Yordan Staykov of Trakia University, Bulgaria delivered an impressive overview of recent trial work he has coordinated on the use of Bioplex? minerals in rainbow trout that took place at Alltech's cooperative research centre with the University.

Francisco Valdes gave an overview of Alltech Aqua's product use in Chile including the use of NuPro? to combat SRS in salmonids and the use of Bioplex minerals and NuPro combinations to improve egg quality.

Alltech's European PhD students: Silvia Torrecillas and Arkadios Dimitroglou analysed their latest results including a deeper understanding of Bio-Mos?, its positive effect on immune system defences, improved liver morphology and lipogenic enzyme activity together with improved gut and morphological characteristics. Sebastien Rider presented conclusive evidence of improved bioavailability of selenium in practical diets using Sel-Plex? highlighting important reservoirs of mineral availability in various tissues and its effective incorporation into metabolically active proteins.

Ioannis Nengas and Eleni Foundoulaki investigated novel and important information on the effect and requirements of Bioplex minerals incorporation in sea bass and sea bream.? The incorporation of Bioplex Iron in diets for sea bream has shown to reduce mortalities caused by anaemia following parasitic gill infections in the Mediterranean.

Dr Brian Peterson of the USDA-ARS Catfish Genetics Research Unit in Mississippi, USA outlined catfish farming in the USA and his work with Bio-Mos and disease occurrence in catfish at the round table meeting.

The round table discussion provided an opportunity for industry professionals to explore the issues in small informal groups. Lively debates were a feature of the two day meeting and the participation of all concerned provided a global platform for learning.