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Branded Meat Summit a Success

[Lexington, Kentucky] - Global animal health company, Alltech, recently hosted a Branded Meat Summit June 23rd and 24th. More than 80 people attended the meeting designed to provide the latest information on turning a commodity into a valuable brand. Attendees were also treated to dinner from Maverick Ranch, Laura's Lean Beef, and Certified Angus Beef at the Branded Meat Showcase on Thursday night.

Alltech President, Dr. Pearse Lyons opened the meeting and urged attendees to think outside the box and create new opportunities for future profit and growth. "We need to follow the lead of the Starbucks' of the world. By making their product an experience, we are seeing the coffee industry reach new heights," explained Lyons.

Dr. Larry Corah, Vice-President of Certified Angus Beef spoke about the success his company has had in this area. Dr. Corah pointed out that beef brands do affect consumer choices. In order to maintain market share, branded beef must be consistent in all aspects and create a point of differentiation between non-branded beef.

Mr. Robert Deverell, of Irish Hereford Prime, discussed the Irish example and the benefits of their grass feed beef. Deverell explained that to obtain a premium in the marketplace, "we must ensure the brand is clearly labelled and ensure consumers are able to identify it." Deverell also pointed out that seleno-beef, selenium enriched beef, showed benefits not only to animal but also to human health.

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