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Bio-Mos? Used in Organic Diets

[Lexington, Kentucky] - The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association recently granted allowance of Bio-Mos from Alltech for use in their organic diets. This follows the allowance by Quality Assurance International in February. This recognition reflects Alltech's commitment to improving animal health through nutrition.

"This allowance of Bio-Mos for use in organic diets by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association further demonstrates the product's place as a leading natural solution from Alltech. With over 12 years of research supporting more than 400 trials (university, peer reviewed and practical), Bio-Mos is the only proven natural brand for gastrointestinal health and performance in the industry," states Becky Timmons, director of applications research and quality assurance.

This recognition means that all Bio-Mos, including existing stock, can now be used by organic farmers that are certified by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. Among the goals set forth by OEFFA are "to establish and update standards for grower certification." Their aim is to "promote and support a healthful, ecological, accountable, and permanent agriculture in Ohio and elsewhere." Founded in 1979, OEFFA has a variety of members including producers, consumers, gardeners, chefs, political activists, teachers, researchers, retailers and students.