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Bio-Mos? is Permitted for use in Organic Farming Systems

Organic livestock farmers and producers now have access to a new market leading natural feed supplement following the acceptance of Bio-Mos? a product that is permitted for use in organic farming systems.

Manufactured by global animal health company Alltech, Bio-Mos offers scope to enhance profitability in a wide range of livestock enterprises and will be particularly effective in improving performance in certain organic farming situations.

Bio-Mos promotes improved gut health in many species, and is used widely in diets for poultry, calves, lambs and young pigs. It is based on a complex sugar - mannan oligosaccharides, which is extracted and modified from the cell wall of a specific strain of yeast. It functions in the first instance by limiting the initial infection and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria in the gut, and thereby enables animals to withstand disease challenge to a greater extent.

In North America Alltech also recently announced that Bio-Mos? has been permitted for use in organic diets by Quality Assurance International (QAI), the global leader in organic certification. These approvals reflect Alltech's commitment to improving animal health through nutrition.

"There is now a scientifically proven product on the market for organic farmers looking to maintain GI tract health and animal performance. With 12 years of research supporting more than 300 trials (university, peer reviewed, and field tested), Bio-Mos? is the only proven natural brand for animal health and performance in the industry," states Becky Timmons, director of applications research and quality assurance.

Alltech is currently represented in 85 countries around the world and employs 1,500 people. It will host its 21st International Feed Industry Symposium in Lexington, Ky., May 22-25, which will bring more than 1,300 feed industry professionals together from around the world.