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Bio-Mos? Allowed for use in Organic Diets

Global animal health company, Alltech announces that Bio-Mos? has been approved for use in organic diets by Quality Assurance International (QAI), the global leader in organic certification. This approval reflects Alltech's commitment to improving animal health through nutrition. "The approval of Bio-Mos represents a major step forward for Alltech and the animal feed industry. There is now a scientifically proven product on the market for organic farmers looking to maintain GI tract health and animal performance. With 12 years of research supporting more than 300 trials (university, peer reviewed, and field tested), Bio-Mos is the only proven natural brand for animal health and performance in the industry," states Becky Timmons, Director of Applications Research and Quality Assurance.

This approval means that all Bio-Mos, including existing stock, can now be used by organic farmers that are certified by QAI. QAI is an independent, third party certifying organic food systems. QAI's goals include: Verifying products to meet strict organic standards, certifying products to meet new federal standards set forth under the National Organic Program, and to foster sustainable agriculture.

For 25 years, Alltech has been researching and providing all-natural nutritional solutions to the challenges of the animal production industry. With the proven success of cutting-edge brands such as Yea-Sacc?1026, Sel-Plex?, Bio-Mos?, MTB-100?, Bioplex? and Sil-All?, the company's product line is a unique example of how all-natural technologies backed by constant research can move the industry forward. Alltech is currently represented in 85 countries around the world and employs 1,500 people. It will host its 21st International Feed Industry Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky May 22-25, which will bring together more than 1,300 feed industry professionals from around the world.