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Be Aware of the Danger but Recognise the Opportunity

Alltech's European Tour Focuses on Surviving the Crisis

[Dublin, IRELAND] - "We cannot use the?strategies?that got us into this crisis to get us out of it", according to Alltech's President, Dr. Pearse Lyons,?as he spoke during the company's European Lecture Tour recently. "We live in a world of?challenge?- from financial market instability to feed and food safety scares", he continued. "Recent volatility and inconsistency in the agri-feed industry has lead to global unease.?Our industry can emerge stronger from these turbulent times and turn current crises into opportunities."

There are opportunities, according to Dr. Lyons, to take charge of our destiny by looking at what he calls the six pillars for growth.?We must support education, we must feed the pipeline with innovative and ambitious animal scientists and nutritionists and we must understand and establish crisis management systems to deal with the next crisis. Traceability is paramount. We need real innovation to create the next frontier of products and we must differentiate our organisations and brand.?Finally, Dr. Lyons said, we need to have a cause and we need to enjoy what we do and do it with integrity.?

Examining some of the current challenges facing the global feed industry,?Dr. Pearse Lyons evoked John F. Kennedy who talked about being aware of a danger in a crisis but never forgetting to recognise the opportunity.?"Our industry needs leaders,?not managers-?leaders who can absorb the uncertainty of the current situation and bring their teams?and their businesses forward."

Dr. Lyons went on to explore some of the new products of Nutrigenomics, a science which measures the effects of nutritional supplements and how they alter the gene's instruction of the body. "It's not just about feeding the animal, it's about feeding the gene and in my lifetime I have never come across more exciting science than what we are doing with Nutrigenomics", he said. EconomasE, Alltech's first Nutrigenomics discovery, will enable animal nutritionists to significantly reduce the level of increasingly expensive ingredients, such as antioxidant vitamins, added to animal diets without compromising performance.??

Dr. Peter Surai, a world expert in organic selenium talked about?Nutrigenomics and its application in the animal industry. In particular, he presented results obtained at the Alltech Nutrigenomics Centre, showing prospects of Nutrigenomics as an important new tool in nutritional research. These results helped to explain a significant number of previous findings in?selenium research, in particular a difference between different forms of selenium, indicating that the best of form?Se for animals is Sel-Plex?.?

Alltech's Global Mycosorb Manager, Dr. Jules Taylor-Pickard explored the area of mycotoxins.?According to Dr. Taylor-Pickard, "we have to accept that mycotoxin contamination of our foods and feeds is inevitable. Through continuous research, Alltech has optimised the structure and composition of yeast beginning with the careful selection of the yeast strain. We take a multi-disciplinary approach applying Nutrigenomics to modify the composition of the yeast cell wall to provide the specific characteristics that are important for sequestering mycotoxins. This provides a technology which is both unique and patented. To date we have thirteen PhD and nine Master theses that have researched this area, with 52 peer-review publications demonstrating product efficacy. This ultimately results in a product that is safe, patented and proven, giving confidence and peace of mind."

The global animal health and nutrition company's annual tour, which?began?on the 2nd February in Cork, Ireland, will visit 32 locations across Europe and Northern Africa before concluding in Casablanca, Morocco on the 20th February 2009.

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