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Animal Health Company Leads the Way in the Field of Mycotoxin Research

Once thought to be a problem restricted to tropical regions, moulds and the mycotoxins they produce have a significant economic impact on animal agriculture on every continent. Alltech is leading the research in the field of solutions to the problem. In February, Alltech held 40 Mycotoxin Seminars across Europe, visiting over 32 countries with a total combined audience in excess of 4,000 attendees. The seminars presented the latest findings in the field of mycotoxin research from some of the world's foremost researchers. Scientists shared their recommendations on identifying, understanding and controlling mycotoxin contamination in grassland, animal feeds and the food chain.

Alltech has always undertaken its own research at its state-of-the-art Bioscience Centres in the USA, China and Ireland. The company also maintains partnerships with over 60 universities worldwide, in particular with INRA (France), the University of Guelph (Canada) and the University of Bangalore (India). All have been instrumental in the development of research conducted with Mycosorb?. In the field of mycotoxin research, Alltech has directly sponsored, or been supportive of six Ph.D and nine Masters degree theses investigating the effects of mycotoxins in poultry, pigs and dairy cattle and the control of toxins with Mycosorb. In February 2005, Dr. Shankar Chowdhury, was awarded his Ph.D from the University of Guelph, Canada, for his research into "Comparative aspects of Fusarium mycotoxicoses in laying hens, turkeys and ducks". Dr. Alexandros Yiannikouris from INRA, France, completed his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Blaise Pascal in 2004.  He determined Mycosorb's mode of adsorption of zearalenone.This work is crucial in understanding the fate of mycotoxins in vivo and the effect of Mycosorb in reducing the challenge to the animal.

"Research is the cornerstone of Alltech, and bringing that research to the marketplace is a key strength of the company", commented Dr. Pearse Lyons, President of Alltech.  "Our goal is to be the leader in the field of mycotoxin research and to be the providers of natural solutions to the threats posed by mycotoxins.  We are achieving this through the studies undertaken by people like Dr. Chowdhury and Dr. Yiannkouris and by encouraging the publication of such work in scientific journals; with 10 papers published on Mycosorb alone in 2004".