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Animal Feed Company, Thinking Globally, Acting Locally at Europe's Largest Agricultural Show

The Alltech message at EuroTier, this year's largest European agricultural event held in Hanover, Germany, was 'Thinking globally, acting locally' and clearly demonstrated Alltech's commitment to satisfying the needs of the local market. Dr. Lyons, President and Aidan Connolly, Vice President, joined Alltech representatives from countries all around Europe, to promote their products and the company as a truly global player in the animal feed industry. The four-day event which took place from 9-12 November, is held every two years and this year it was attended by over 100,000 people ranging from farmers to nutritionists.

A New Approach
Alltech's booth this year unveiled a new approach to their trade-show promotion with sections and display cases highlighting their focus on marketing, research and education. Visitors were 'wowed' with Alltech's excellent exhibition and hospitality. It was no surprise that their traditional Irish Happy Hour proved to be popular once again, with local Irish musicians, Guinness, and their own Kentucky Ale adding to the atmosphere.

Press Conference
Another new approach this year was an international press conference, held on Tuesday 9 November, the opening day of EuroTier. Dr. Pearse Lyons and Aidan Connolly made a presentation to 13 international journalists, on the future of Alltech and its role in the agribusiness industry. The presentation was followed by a questions and answers session.

Issues of the commoditization of the agribusiness market and the need to differentiate products in today's market were brought to the floor. Dr. Lyons highlighted how Alltech is beyond the commodity stage. He said, 'We have confidence, total traceability, research and approvals behind each of our products, which gives our customers a particular satisfaction and reassurance, this in itself explains our differentiation'.

Alltech continues to bring new industry research and information to local markets through its programme of 'Marketing through Education'. This includes a strong presence at local trade-shows, conferences and larger events such as their own annual lecture tour series and international feed industry Symposium.