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Alltech's North American Lecture Tour a Resounding Success

[Lexington, Kentucky] - Alltech, a global leader in animal health and nutrition, recently completed its North American Lecture Tour (NALT). Against a backdrop of looming crises from the chaos in the US broiler industry and the current global economy to the decimation of the Irish pork industry, over 1,000 people attended 21 solutions-oriented meeting.??

The theme, Surviving Turbulence: Turning Crisis into Opportunity, addressed the tremendous volatility in all markets focused on the valuable opportunities for the industry to reinvent itself and take initiative with innovation. Highlights of the NALT included:

Dr. Pearse Lyons spoke of embracing the passion of youth by investing in the education of young people. Alltech's Margin of Excellence Program is designed to attract talented and dedicated graduate students to the animal health industry and provide financial incentives to keep them working in the field long after they obtain their Masters or PhD degrees. Lyons firmly believes the challenges facing our industry today can be overcome through cutting-edge research.

"Until we begin to foster and reward scientific genius in our young people, we will continue to be saddled with volatility in our markets," said Dr. Lyons. "The industry desperately needs stability, consistency, and traceability. Alltech firmly believes these challenges will be met by the scientific innovation of bright, young minds."

With changing weather patterns and farming practices, mycotoxins are a larger problem than ever before and pose a genuine threat to the international feed industry due to the global commodity trade, according to Dr. James Pierce, coordinator of monogastrics research at Alltech. Unfortunately, the only critical control point for many feed manufacturers and producers is at receiving, where a choice has to be made quickly whether to accept or reject a shipment of grain or by-products. Professor Jean-Pierre Jouany (INRA, France) published a paper outlining up to 21 methods to help control molds and mycotoxins in feedstuffs. Research conducted by Dr. Alexandros Yiannikouris has shown how the use of an organic adsorbent can potentially eliminate threats from toxins by binding them before they are absorbed by the animal and can cause production losses.

Nutrigenomics is the study of the impact of nutrition on gene expression or activity. This burgeoning field holds great promise both for animal and human health, according to Dr. Ronan Power, Alltech's director of research. The goal of nutrigenomics is to apply nutritional strategies to beneficially alter gene expression profiles so health and performance may be naturally enhanced. Research being conducted at Alltech's state-of-the-art Center for Nutrigenomics has already led to the development of a range of products designed to save producers money by allowing for more efficient utilization of existing feed materials and reducing the need for inclusion of expensive feed ingredients such as Vitamin E.

Dr. Lyons also discussed the need to build a global brand in the animal health industry.? "We need a brand that resonates with the consumer, stands for quality, and is long lasting," said Dr. Lyons.

One way that Alltech is branding itself is through its title sponsorship of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010, considered the largest sporting event to come to the United States since the 2002 Winter Olympics. Held outside of Europe and in Kentucky for the first time, the 16-day competition involving 800 riding competitors and 900 horses from over 60 countries is expected to be attended by over 600,000 spectators and viewed on television by an international audience of more than 460 million people. Alltech is also the proud sponsor of the Alltech FEI European Jumping and Dressage Championships to be held in Windsor, United Kingdom from August 25-30, 2009.

Alltech's 25th Annual Feed Industry Symposium will be held in Lexington, Kentucky May 17-20th.? For more information, visit or email