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Alltech-University of Kentucky alliance publishes first annual report

[Lexington, Kentucky] -- Alltech, in conjunction with the University of Kentucky, has published the first annual report of the Alltech-University of Kentucky Nutrition Research Alliance at Coldstream Research Farm.? This partnership, formed in 2004, has resulted in one Ph.D. dissertation, four scientific journal articles, nine scientific posters, and 25 scientific abstracts in its first full year of operation.

"The Alltech-UK Nutrition Research Alliance has been a tremendous success for both Alltech and the University of Kentucky," said Dr. Pearse Lyons, President of Alltech.? "With industry and academia working together, Alltech has access to the brightest minds at the University of Kentucky, and those students have an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a commercial setting."

"Alltech has been a tremendous supporter of the University of Kentucky in several areas," said Dr. Lee Todd, President of the University of Kentucky.? "Their presence at the Coldstream Research Farm is key factor in our efforts to make UK a top 20 public research university."

Research at the facility will benefit Alltech in each of the 85 countries in which it does business.? The poultry sector is one of the fastest growing aspects of Alltech's business, and this research should further that growth.? The alliance with the University of Kentucky is part of Alltech's Bioscience Center concept, in which Alltech works closely with local universities to improve its research capacity.? Alltech is currently the second largest supporter of graduate degrees in agribusiness in America, behind only the U.S. government.

Operating the research facility is a team comprised of Alltech and University of Kentucky researchers and faculty members.? They include, from the University of Kentucky, Dr. Tony Pescatore, Dr. Austin Cantor, Dr. Robert Harmon, and Mike Ford.? The team also includes Alltech researchers Dr. James Pierce, Dr. Karl Dawson, Dr. Ted Sefton, and Dr. Tuoying Ao.

For over 26 years, Alltech has been researching and providing all-natural nutritional solutions to the challenges of the animal production industry. With the proven success of cutting-edge brands such as Yea-Sacc?1026, Sel-Plex?, Bio-Mos?, Mycosorb?, Bioplex?, NuPro?and Allzyme?SSF, the company's product line is a unique example of how all-natural technologies backed by constant research can move the industry forward.