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Alltech Symposium focuses on cutting-edge science

[Lexington, Kentucky] - Alltech's 22nd Annual International Feed Industry Symposium, April 23-26, focused on the burgeoning science of nutrigenomics and how it applies to the animal production industry. Nutritional genomics, or nutrigenomics, is the study of the body's response to food and food components at the gene level. The goal of this newly emerging science is to develop foods and feeds that can be matched to genotypes to benefit health and enhance normal physiological processes.

"Nutrigenomics is truly creating our future," said Dr. Karl Dawson, Alltech's director of global research. "It is at the very heart of scientific innovation in nutrition, and it enables us to understand at the most fundamental level how nutrients can affect animal performance."

The three-day scientific conference was opened Monday morning by Alltech Founder and President Dr. Pearse Lyons, who urged participants to "break mental barriers" and use their imaginations to meet the challenges of the feed industry.??

Dr. Lyons was followed by the symposium's keynote speaker, Kentucky Governor Dr. Ernie Fletcher. Fletcher's talk, "Biotechnology, the new cash crop from Kentucky," focused on how government - specifically the Commonwealth of Kentucky - and private companies can work together to build knowledge-based industries.

Alltech's annual Medal of Excellence was presented to Dr. Peter Ferket from North Carolina State University, USA. Dr. Ferket spoke on how the European ban on antibiotic-based growth promotion "is a blessing in disguise - both for humans and animals." Dr. Ferket is known around the world for his research on poultry nutrition.

Monday morning's opening session was followed by species sessions. A similar format followed on Tuesday with species specific sessions on dairy/beef, poultry, pig, equine, pet, aquaculture, and human food nutrition. Symposium attendees also participated in breakout sessions, which allowed them to network with other delegates from around the world.

A highlight of the Alltech's symposium is the annual poster session. This year more than 350 scientific posters were displayed, including the winning and runner-up posters from Alltech's first annual Young Animal Scientist Award, which was presented on Tuesday afternoon.

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