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Alltech Swine Technical Seminar Indicates Traceability is a Key Issue for European Feed Industry

[Dublin, IRELAND] - Over 115 delegates attended Alltech's swine technical seminar on 'Elevating Animal Performance and Health - Formula for the Future; Nutrition or Pathology?' The seminar held at Alltech's European Bioscience Centre was opened by Marc Larousse, vice-president, Alltech Europe and chaired by Dr. Jules Taylor-Pickard, solutions deployment team, Alltech.

A panel of six international industry experts presented their views and participated in question and answer sessions with the attendees. Both attendees and presenters participated in confidential electronic surveys during the seminar.

  • 39% said that the EU programme to reduce salmonella contamination in pig herds will not be achieved by most EU states, while a further 10% said that it would lead to unrealistic consumer expectations;
  • 64% responded that biofuels have had a negative impact on EU agriculture;
  • Nearly half of respondents believed that the recent melamine scares in China present an opportunity for EU producers to differentiate their products based on quality and safety;
  • 90% concurred that full traceability will become increasingly important for feed additive and feed suppliers within the European marketplace;
  • Over 50% believed that trace mineral and energy regulations will pose the biggest challenge to pig production in the future.

Vice-President, Alltech Europe, Marc Larousse said: "Alltech's annual technical seminar series unites both nutritional and veterinarian experts. The series offers an ideal opportunity to share ideas on the future of our industry, as illustrated by the findings of this opinion poll."

Respondents included professionals such as, nutritionists, veterinarians and other industry experts, representing both Europe and North America.

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