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Alltech Strengthens its Technical Team with New Key Appointment

Alltech announces the appointment of Dr. Darryl D'Souza as Alltech Asia-Pacific's Regional Pig Specialist for the area. D'Souza's appointment reinforces Alltech's commitment to become the leaders of natural nutritional solutions for the prig industry in the region.

D'Souza was previously with the Agriculture Department of Western Australia, where his area of specialty was pork quality. He is a past winner of the Ted Battenham Award for the Top Researcher of the Year and has a high profile within the Australian pig industry. D'Souza's position will include: spearheading the continued success of Alltech's unique Premier Pig Program?, identifying areas for research in the pig industry and addressing issues such as the $1 billion lost opportunity in sow productivity in Asia. He will work closely to deliver value and additional support to key customers. D'Souza will be based in Alltech's office in Melbourne, Australia, and will travel extensively throughout the region.

Alltech's presence in Asia is continuously expanding. The appointment of Dr. D'Souza is in line with the region's goal of having a technical team that is second to none. D'Souza's appointment follows the recent key appointment of aquaculture expert, Dan Fegan who holds the title of President-elect for the World Aquaculture Society. A technical expert for the poultry sector will be in position with the next few months.

Darryl D'Souza will be speaking at VIV Asia on March 17 between 1.30-2.30. Please visit room M213 to hear his discussion on "Achieving High Quality Pork".