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Alltech Sponsors Global Dairy Fertility Symposium

[Dunboyne, Ireland] - Nutritional management of fertility. Managing high yielding dairy cows for energy balance and optimal fertility. Clinical reproductive problems and their management in early lactation. These were some of the areas addressed at the global Dairy Fertility Symposium, which was held in conjunction with Alltech and University College Dublin from the 27th - 28th October 2005. The Symposium brought together the world's leading experts on dairy fertility from a number of disciplines - including nutrition, breeding and management.

The meetings examined how reduced fertility in high producing dairy cows is a worldwide phenomenon and a major source of economic loss. Topics for discussion included dry-cow and early lactation nutrition and optimising rumen function during the transition period to boost DMI and reduce the negative energy balance.

A key speaker at the meeting Prof. David Beever, University of Reading, UK, gave a presentation entitled "Can nutrition in the peripartrum period improve energy balance and fertility in early lactation". Prof. Beever told delegates that it was time to take control and do this from the start of the dry period. "Feed dry cows low energy/high fibre ration - that's the best way to ensure optimal rumen function throughout the dry period and prevent the metabolic problems that can result from nutritional stress in early lactation".

Dr. Jean Pierre Jouany, INRA, France discussed "Optimising rumen function in close up transition period and early lactation to drive DMI and reduce negative energy balance". Dr. Jouany reiterated the message that dairy farmers and nutritionists need to get back to the basics and look at the rumen function in order to help improve cow fertility.

Professor Karl Dawson, Director of Worldwide Research spoke on "Nutrigenomics - Feeding the genes for fertility". He challenged the delegates on nutrigenomics and whether scientists can feed genes for fertility. He further added, "Nutrigenomics will open the way to many new nutritional and management strategies for improving dairy production and to address fertility problems".

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