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Alltech Recognizes Wisconsin's Progressive Scientist

[Juneau, WI] - Alltech, a global animal health company, awarded Dr. Richard Weindruch the Wisconsin Progressive Science Honor on July 26th in recognition for his work on "Caloric Restriction and Aging." Weindruch is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a scientist at the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center at Madison's VA Hospital. He also directs the National Institute on Aging and funded training program, "The Biology of Aging and Age-Associated Disease."

"Dr. Weindruch's work in the field of aging and age related disease is nothing short of phenomenal," states Dr. Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech. "His ground-breaking research is extremely exciting and one that we hope to follow as we look to open our Institute of Nutrigenomics."

Weindruch was a featured speaker at Alltech's 21st Annual Feed Industry Symposium held in May in Lexington, Kentucky. His research has shown that by reducing caloric intake while ensuring adequate nutrition, the lifespan in lab mice can be extended by up to 50%. He is currently researching non-human primates with the goal of determining human implications.

For 25 years, Alltech has been researching and providing natural, nutritional solutions to the challenges of the animal feed industry. With the proven success of brands such as Yea-Sacc?1026, Bio-Mos?, Sel-Plex?, MTB-100?, Bioplex? trace minerals, Allzyme Vegpro? and Sil-All?, the company's global product line is a unique example of how all-natural technologies backed by constant research can move the industry forward.