Press Releases

Alltech Participates in WPC 2004 and VIV Poultry Exhibition

Now in it's 22nd year, the World Poultry Congress was held on June 8-13 in Istanbul, Turkey. Alltech has always had a large presence at the event and this year was no different. The company had two keynote speakers as well as 35 scientific posters on exhibit.

Dr. Ted Sefton, Alltech's Directory for Poultry discussed the effects of fusarium mycotoxicosis in broilers compared to pigs. He also presented a paper examining how the use of organic selenium (Sel-Plex) improves broiler breeder performance.

Dr. Peter Surai, Alltech's head of antioxidant research explained the role of organic selenium (Sel-Plex) on the antioxidant system.

The VIV Poultry Exhibition was held in conjunction with the Poultry Congress on June 10-13, in Istanbul. Alltech's presence at this exhibition was also a resounding success. As a leading company that researches, develops and manufactures natural feed additives for the poultry industry, Alltech was among one of the largest exhibitors at both events. The company's natural solutions such as Bio-Mos, Mycosorb *, Sel-Plex and Bioplex Trace Minerals, received great interest from visitors. As an organisation with Irish origins, there was live Irish music and Alltech's own Kentucky Ale was served everyday on the stand.

Participation at this year's exhibit reached an all time high, both in terms of delegates (18,000) and exhibitors (360).

*Mycosorb is a registered trademark of Alltech Inc.