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Alltech Northern Ireland Hosts Their Official Opening

Alltech Northern Ireland hosted their official opening on September 4, 2004. Over 50 guests enjoyed the occasion, which was celebrated in conjunction with a local oyster festival. The office, which is located in Hillsborough, Co. Down, is headed up by Mr. Robbie Walker.

During the opening, Robbie highlighted the fact that although the day was the official office opening, Alltech actually had been present in Northern Ireland for the past 15 months.

"During this period we have managed to establish a good working relationship with both the feed trade and individual farmers," Walker explained. "However, it's important to have an official base and our location in Hillsborough meets this requirement perfectly."

He added: "My appointment, allied to the opening of the new office, means that our customers - compounders, pre-mix businesses and farmers - can now have direct access to what is a truly global research and advice network."

Alltech's European research centre is located near Dublin and staff there work in close liaison with manufacturing centres in the UK and throughout the EU.

A measure of the success achieved by the new Alltech team over the past year is the fact of steadily increasing sales in Northern Ireland and strong level of local interest in what Alltech is offering.

"There are approximately 1.6 million tonnes of animal feed manufactured in Northern Ireland annually," added Robbie Walker. "That's the market we will be primarily targeting with a range of proven additives that are totally natural in terms of both their manufacture and mode of operation within the body. Alltech has been at the cutting edge of biotechnology for many years, with uniquely effective products developed through yeast fermentation, which is the hallmark of the business."

He stressed: "Our core aim is to develop natural products with the cutting edge that will allow farmers to effectively meet the challenges of today's marketplace and this is from the perspective of both disease prevention and the production of value added foods."

Alltech's global presence spans 76 countries with a workforce of 1,400 people. The company works in partnership with its customers and all other relevant sectors of local industry to ensure customised, value added solutions are produced for the changes facing the animal feed industry.