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The Alltech North American Mycotoxin Seminar Series 2005: Evaluating the Impact of Mycotoxins in North America

The threat posed by mycotoxins to the animal food and feed industries is significant. By sharing knowledge and increasing awareness we can help each other to identify those strategies that will most effectively control their impact.

Join us as we bring together the world's most well-renowned researchers in the area of mycotoxins who will share with us their recommendations on how we can identify, understand, and control mycotoxin contamination in food and feed.

The Alltech Mycotoxin Seminar Series is currently visiting 20 cities in North America, and will visit 20 more locations in North America from March 7 - 18, 2005.

January Speakers include:

  • Dr. Trevor Smith, University of Guelph.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Santin, Federal University of Parana, Brazil.
  • Dr. Lon Whitlow, North Carolina State University.
  • Dr. Simon Timmermans, Timmermans, Inc.
  • Dr. Juan Gomez, Alltech, Inc.
  • Dr. Colm Moran, Alltech, Inc.

March Speakers include:

  • Dr. Trevor Smith, University of Guelph.
  • Dr. Peter Spring, Swiss College of Agriculture.
  • Dr. Lon Whitlow, North Carolina University.
  • Dr. Juan Gomez, Alltech, Inc.
  • Dr. Peter Surai, Alltech, Inc.

Topics include:

  • The occurrence of mycotoxins: Their effects, prevention and treatment in dairy cattle
  • Current concepts in the etiology and prevention of mycotoxicosis in livestock and poultry
  • Strategies to control the effects of molds and mycotoxins in grains and cereals
  • Interactions between mycotoxins, immunity and antioxidant systems
  • The efficacy and mode of action of modified glucomannan

The Itinerary:

January 17

Guelph, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

January 18

Winnipeg, Manitoba

January 19

Red Deer, Alberta

Abbotsford, British Columbia

January 20

Sunnyside, Washington

Twin Falls, Idaho

January 21

Stockton, California

Visalia, California

January 24

Portales, New Mexico

Hereford, Texas

January 25

Stephanville, Texas

Sulphur Springs, Texas

January 26

Manhattan, Kansas

January 27

Lincoln, Nebraska

Columbus, Nebraska

January 28

Sioux Center, Iowa

Ames, Iowa

March 7

Springfield, Missouri (morning)

Starkville, Mississippi (afternoon)

March 8

Auburn, Alabama (morning)

March 9

Athens, Georgia (morning)

March 10

Wytheville, Virginia (morning)

March 11

Harrisonburg, Virginia (morning)

Hagerstown, Maryland (afternoon)


March 14

Columbus, Ohio (morning)

Chambersberg, Pennsylvania (afternoon)

March 15

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (morning)

Batavia, New York (afternoon)

March 16

Geneva, New York (morning)

Chazy, New York (afternoon)

March 17

Sheldon, Vermont (morning)

Middlebury, Vermont (afternoon)

March 18

Waterville, Maine (morning)


March 14

Plymouth, Indiana (morning)

Grand Rapids, Michigan (afternoon)

March 15

Madison, Wisconsin (morning)

Appleton, Wisconsin (afternoon)

March 16

Calamar, Iowa (morning)

March 17

Rochester, Minnesota (morning)

St. Cloud, Minnesota (afternoon)

March 18

Brookings, South Dakota (morning)

Fairmont, Minnesota (afternoon)

For information on this Seminar Series or on a stop near you, please contact Kimberly Levernier, Events Coordinator, 1-859-887-3242


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