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Alltech Names CEO for Optigen

Dr. Peter Karnezos has been named CEO of Optigen Technologies, an Alltech company. Optigen Technologies has been established to promote the recently acquired Optigen 1200, a time-release technology used in the agricultural feed industry to enhance food animal production. Optigen 1200 was purchased from Agway's CPG Nutrients division in Kittanning, Penn.

The technologically advanced polymer coating that allows for controlled release of encapsulated feedstuffs, such as urea, permits dairy producers to replace current dietary products, such as soya protein, which is presently in short supply. In vitro studies with Optigen 1200 have demonstrated the ability of the polymer coating to release nitrogen to rumen bacteria at relatively the same rate as soybean meal.

"Alltech continues to bring new technologies to the marketplace and it's exciting to be building a business around Optigen," said Dr. Karnezos. "This coating technology will allow us to develop and launch a series of new products that will benefit dairy producers and improve the economic position of the dairy man."

Dr. Karnezos started with Alltech 11 years ago as territory sales manager of the Northeast region of the USA; he has since moved up to national sales manager then vice president for sales - U.S. He holds a Ph.D. in agronomy from Texas Tech University and an Executive MBA from Purdue University. Dr Karnezos remains on the board of directors of Alltech, Inc.