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Alltech launches three new product websites

[Lexington, Kentucky] - Alltech recently launched product websites for three of its cutting-edge brands: Yea-Sacc?1026, Bio-Mos? and Sel-Plex?.? The websites contain the latest product and industry news, as well as illustrative animations to explain how each of ?the products work.?

"The individual websites allow people to explore Alltech's products in an interactive, user-friendly format," said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech. He further added, "Our goal is to deliver the latest technical and practical information to those who are searching for ways to enhance profitability and animal production through nutrition."

The product websites include: - Alltech's flagship product Yea-Sacc1026 is a yeast strain scientifically proven as a rumen modifier. Yea-Sacc1026 is backed by more research than any other yeast product on the market and has shown a consistently high rate of return. ?- Launched in 1993, Bio-Mos represents a significant advance in biological gut microfloral modifiers, supported by more than 400 published research trials. - The only organic selenium source reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Sel-Plex is used in formulating premixes and is approved for pig, poultry, ruminant, equine, dog and sheep diets.

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