Press Releases

Alltech Launches European Aquaculture Research Centre

Alltech are pleased to announce the opening of their European Aquaculture Research Centre in Rodnevo, Bulgaria, launched in conjunction with Trakia University. The Research Centre was officially opened by the Mayor of Radnevo, Mr. Noncho Vodenicharov on the 14th October 2005. Alltech has worked with Trakia University for several years as part of their "Marketing through Education" programme.

As part of the initial investment, Alltech have overseen the construction of 12 net cages on a well at the renowned Nomicom fish farm. The Research Centre will enable both Alltech and Trakia University to carry out the most advanced research on aquaculture specific to Bulgaria, in particular carp, common carp, rainbow trout and sturgeon. A series of trials will be conducted with Alltech's natural solutions for aquaculture and they will last an average of 70 days. The results from these trials will then be evaluated by Trakia University.

Dr. Staykov, Trakia University explained how beneficial this partnership would be for the future of the aquaculture industry. He commented "Alltech have been investing time and resources to the provide natural solutions to the aquaculture industry for many years. This collaboration aims to move the industry forward not only in Bulgaria, but the results will be beneficial to all aquaculture producers worldwide". Mr. Timm Neelsen, European Aquaculture Director, Alltech further added "We are proud to be present in Bulgaria and we strongly believe that this partnership will result in great opportunities for Alltech, Trakia University and for the industry".