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Alltech Latin America undergoes management changes

[Lexington, Kentucky] - As a result of continuous growth, the region has undergone a restructuring of its management team. The following appointments have taken place:

Mr. Guilherme Minozzo has been appointed sales director for Latin America. Minozzo has worked with Alltech for 11 years. He initially worked as a sales manager, then took up the position as manager for southern Brazil, and was later appointed as national sales manager. Minozzo was further promoted and held the position of general manager of Alltech Brazil until 2005. He is a veterinarian graduated from Universidade Federal do Paran? in 1986. He has a bachelor's degree in marketing from Purdue University (USA) and a master's degree from Funda??o Get?lio Vargas/FGV.

Mr. Ari Fischer, who has worked with Alltech for nine years, has been appointed as general manager of Alltech Brazil. From 1999 to 2002, Fischer worked as general manager of Ecuador, and up until last year, he was general manager of Central America. Ari Fischer has a degree in animal science with a MSc in poultry nutrition and an executive MBA.

Mr. Julio Z??iga has been promoted to general manager for Central America and the Caribbean. He joined Alltech in 2000 as a sales manager. From 2001-2005, he was general manager for Alltech Chile. Z??iga is a veterinarian who graduated from Universidad Austral in Chile. He has many years' experience in poultry production and pathology.?


Mr. Gabriel Gualdoni has moved from the position of sales manager in Argentina to manager of Alltech Chile. Gualdoni, born in Argentina, joined Alltech Argentina as sales manager four years ago. Gualdoni is a veterinarian with more than seven years' experience the feed industry.

The Latin American region represents Alltech's largest market share. There are 13 Latin American Alltech offices and three production facilities - Serdan, Arucaria and Val do Ivai. Val do Ivai is the world's largest yeast facility, with a capacity to produce 100,000 tonnes of yeast per year. Alltech employs 445 people throughout Latin America.

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