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Alltech invests $1 million in aquaculture center

[Lexington, KY] - Alltech, in conjunction with Kentucky State University, will work in collaboration to develop a state-of-the-art aquaculture research center.? The Alltech aquaculture research center will be based at Alltech's global headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.? The project is expected to be completed by late 2006.

At the announcement Dr. Karl Dawson, director of global research, explained, "We are delighted to be a partner in this new development and we strongly believe that this partnership will result in great opportunities for Alltech, Kentucky State University and for the industry."

Alltech will invest approximately $1 million in the development of the research center. The facility will have the capacity to hold 24-400 liter tanks. The center will enable Alltech and Kentucky State University to carry out the most advanced research on aquaculture, with particular focus on shrimp as well tilapia, paddlefish, trout, salmon and catfish.? With the capacity to conduct research on marine and freshwater fish, this facility allows Alltech to focus on products to address the current $11 billion United States trade deficit in seafood as well as natural solutions to meet global challenges.

According to Dr. James Pierce, coordinator of aquaculture and monogastric research, Alltech, "Our Company has been investing time and resources to provide natural solutions to the aquaculture industry for many years. This collaboration aims to move the company forward on a global level."

Dr. James Tidwell, head of aqua research, Kentucky State University, further added, "The aquaculture division at Kentucky State University has been conducting a high standard of research for almost 20 years. We are committed to helping Kentucky play an important role in the development of the aquaculture industry, both domestically and internationally."

This alliance, similar to Alltech's alliance with University of Kentucky Research at the Coldstream Research Farm, aims to develop a working relationship in which some of the brightest minds from the State's universities can apply their research in a commercial setting.

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