Press Releases

Alltech Indonesia Opens New Office in Jakarta

After receiving significant damage during the recent tragedy at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Alltech Indonesia would like to announce the opening of a new facility.

The new 125 square meter premises is located at:

Mugi Griya Building 2nd Floor,
Suite 203,
Jl. M.T. Haryono Kav. 10,
Jakarta 12810

The inauguration of the new facility will take place in an official opening on the 8th December and will be conducted by Chris King, General Manager of Alltech South Asia.

Alltech's commitment to the region has witnessed a continually expanding workforce and a strong partnership with its customers, which will continue through the new office despite the recent atrocity.

Alltech ranks among the top 20 animal health companies in the world and has grown from strength to strength since its foundation in 1980. It employs 1,500 people, through 76 offices around the world and has an average growth rate of 20% per annum.