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Alltech increases global production for feed yeast

[Sao Pedro do Ivai, Brazil] -- In order to keep up with the growing global demand for its products, Alltech has announced the expansion of its yeast factory in Brazil.? Alltech Sao Pedro do Ivai has expanded to include a third spray dryer.? This dryer will allow Alltech Sao Pedro to dry an additional 60 tonnes of product per day, which translates into a 60% increase in production.? "The world's largest yeast factory" now has the capability to produce 160 tonnes of dry product per day, bringing the annual production levels to more than 50,000 tonnes of dry product per year.

"Our growth in Brazil is ongoing," said Mark Lyons, Alltech Director of International Projects.? "We have the capability to add at least two more spray dryers at this facility.? Growth potential is something we are constantly evaluating to make sure we can continue to keep up with demand, while maintaining the quality of our products."

This is part of Alltech's growing trend to meet customer needs.? Alltech recently announced the expansion of its offices in Brookings, South Dakota and the purchase of an office and warehouse complex in Thomasville, Georgia.? The most recent expansion in Brazil represents a $5 million investment on the part of Alltech, bringing the total investment in the Brazilian facility to $42 million.

Since 1980, Alltech's presence has grown with offices and distributors in 85 countries and more than 1,700 employees around the world.?