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Alltech expands for the future

[Lexington, Kentucky] -- Global animal health company Alltech has announced the purchase of 165 acres adjacent to its global headquarters in Nicholasville, Kentucky.? The site, which is currently a golf course, is named Connemara after the rugged province in the west of Ireland.? According to Ireland native Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech, this made the purchase even more interesting.? Lyons plans to continue running the golf course over the next few years; however, the long-term plan is to locate a bioscience-technology park on the land. ?The purchase will ensure that space will not become a limiting factor in the company's future growth.

Alltech is a high-tech company centered on innovation, research and development and their application to a vital link in the food chain - animal feed.? A core part of Alltech's current research activities are in the area of nutrigenomics, the science that examines the effect of diet on health and genes.

A key factor influencing the purchase of the land is that the bioscience park will act as an incubation center for this latest research area. ?By drawing on the company's existing knowledge and experience and by sourcing talent from the surrounding area, the idea is to create dedicated research teams that will focus on nutrigenomics research.?? With mentoring from the company's experienced researchers and the entrepreneurial spirit of the organization, which Lyons has built to a $350 million business, the company's next generation of innovative feed ingredients -- perhaps even food ingredients -- will be born.

In addition to the purchase of the golf course, Alltech is also expanding its operations throughout the U.S.? As part of its regionalization program, the company recently purchased a 60,000-square foot facility in Thomasville, Georgia. ?The facility was originally a plant involved in the processing of raw materials for the food industry.? Complete with its own rail spur, Alltech plans to install laboratories, processing and spray drying technology. This new facility will be managed by Dr. Kevin McBride and will house marketing activities as well as sales and research.

"The regionalization approach we are undertaking means that we can be closer to our customers and can ensure faster response and delivery times. ?Employing local people means we can address local issues and optimize the company's services.? Georgia is a very important location for us as it is within reach of 50% of North America's poultry industry," Lyons said.

Another goal of the program is to locate offices within close proximity to local universities as well as on sites with potential for bioscience park development.? In addition to Georgia, two other such sites have already been chosen within the U.S.? The first, located in Wisconsin, is already serving the dairymen of that area.? The second site is currently under construction in South Dakota and is located adjacent to the University of South Dakota.? The facility, which will be completed in 2007, will have its own research laboratory.?

Since 1980, Alltech's presence has grown with offices and distributors in 85 countries and more than 1,700 employees around the world.? For more information about Alltech, please visit