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Alltech Commences Seach for New World-Class Global Production Center

Alltech, the international animal feed company, is set to continue its aggressive global strategy with the search for a new, world-class, global production facility. The facility will be dedicated to Solid State Fermentation (SSF), which is the production of enzymes. These enzymes are used in animal feed to improve efficiencies and increase the profitability of the end product.

In 2001, Alltech reinforced its reputation as a pioneer in industry with the launch of their SSF plant in Serdan, Mexico. This facility is now at maximum capacity, which is why Alltech are now seeking to establish a dedicated global production center to cater for their increasing international market. The availability of a world-class transportation and communications hub is expected to significantly influence the decision of the plant location. The investment is likely to create 50 to 100 high level jobs upon opening, with that number rising to 150 jobs within five years. This world-class, global production center is expected to become the international R&D center for this product category.

This strategically significant investment will provide major economic benefits to the selected location. The decision making process has begun with the appointment of a global task force to identify the optimal location. An initial short-listing of potential investment locations is expected by the end of 2004. Alltech intends to commence manufacturing by 2006.

According to Mr. Mark Lyons, head of the SSF task force, "Alltech is seeking a world-class location that already commands a reputation as a center of excellence in biotechnology. We are seeking an environment where the economic development authorities are fully supportive of furthering the location's global competitiveness and can demonstrate a clear commitment and strategic plan for cluster development."

"Furthermore, the location must demonstrate a commitment to the knowledge economy, have a pool of outstanding human resources and offer ready access to substantial quantities of wheat supplies at competitive prices", he added.

A vital consideration in the decision making process will be the availability of outstanding human resources. Alltech encourages international subsidiary entrepreneurship and will expect the new facility to exercise global responsibility in determining the strategic development of SSF.

What started out as a one-man operation in 1980, quickly expanded and 10 years later Alltech had a presence in 20 countries spanning four continents. Today, the company employs 1,400 people in 76 countries. It now has 13 manufacturing facilities worldwide, and three Bioscience Centers for global Research and Development based in the USA, Ireland and China.