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Alltech Breaks Ground on $15 Million Yeast Facility

In a joint venture with the city of Vale do Ivai, Alltech broke ground on a new $15 Million yeast facility in the north of the Paran? State, Brazil. Furthering its commitment to local production, this joint investment positions Alltech to be a least cost provider in the Latin American market. Mark Lyons, Alltech's Director for International Projects explains the benefits: "For years Alltech has used corn as the main source for fermentation. With the opening of this plant in August 2005, we will be able to utilize locally grown sugar cane as the source for fermentation. Not only will we be able to produce a quality product at an affordable price, but we will be able to better serve the fast-growing markets of Latin America."

Increased demand for Alltech products necessitated this expansion. Production at Alltech's yeast facility in Serbia is currently running at full capacity. The fully automated, state-of-the-art facility in Brazil will be twice the size of the plant in Serbia with twice the production capacity. Construction is due to be completed in August 2005 when the plant will be dedicated.

With this investment, Alltech Brazil will become the biggest biotechnology producer and exporter in the area. Once running to full production capacity, the facility will be able to produce 20 tons of Alltech products such as Bio-Mos?, MTB-100?, and Sel-Plex? per year. "This is a partnership between Alltech and Brazil," states Lyons. "Our goal is to provide the best product at the cheapest possible price and this plant allows us to do just that."

The dedication ceremony, held on February 1st 2005, was attended by Lyons, Guilherme Minnozzo, General Manager of Alltech Brazil, Orlando Pessuti, Vice Governor of the State of Paran? and Agriculture Minister, Carlos Alberto Longo, President/Director of the Administration Advisory of Usina Vale do Ivai, and An?sio Tormena from the Association of Sugar and Alcohol Producers of Paran? State.

Alltech is currently represented in 85 countries around the world, with a staff of 1,500 people.