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Alltech awarded Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification

Global animal health company, Alltech, has been awarded the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification from the American Feed Industry Association for its Nicholasville production facility. A charter member of the program, Alltech has undergone the rigorous certification process designed to ensure total traceability of its products.

"For years Alltech has been committed to producing premium feed supplements that are safe for the Animal, the Consumer, and the Environment. We call it our ACE principal," explained Becky Timmons, director of applications research and quality assurance. "This certification from AFIA validates this commitment."

"Maintaining a safe feed segment within our food industry structure is vital. Through this new program, we will be doing more to educate key audiences on the safety, reliability, and integrity of our system," stated AFIA President-elect Joel Newman.

The certification will not stop at the Nicholasville production facility. Alltech is beginning the process of certifying its Bioplex? production facility in Alexandria, Ontario, its Allzyme? SSF and De-Odorase? plant in Serdan, Mexico, and its Bioplex? and Optigen? facilities in Springfield, Kentucky.

Alltech will begin selling its product with the Safe Feed/Safe Food logo immediately. "We hope that this gives everyone an added sense of security when purchasing Alltech products," said Timmons. "Our customers will know that when they buy a product from Alltech, all precautionary measures have been taken to make sure it is the safest possible feed supplement on the market."

For 25 years, Alltech has been researching and providing all-natural nutritional solutions to the challenges of the animal production industry. With the proven success of cutting-edge brands such as Yea-Sacc?1026, Sel-Plex?, Bio-Mos?, MTB-100?, Bioplex? and Sil-All?, the company's product line is a unique example of how all-natural technologies backed by constant research can move the industry forward.

Alltech is currently represented in 85 countries around the world and employs 1,500 people. It will host its 21st International Feed Industry Symposium, in Lexington, Kentucky, May 22-25, which will bring more than 1,300 feed industry professionals together from around the world.