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Alltech announces dates, locations for 2007

[Lexington, Kentucky] -- Alltech's annual North American Lecture Tour (NALT) will visit various locations in the U.S. and Canada from January 8-19, 2007.? This year's theme is, "How will we feed our animals?"? While corn has been found to be a major source of renewable energy by way of ethanol, the technology will require the use of a major portion of the world's corn supply.? This increased demand presents the challenge of producing enough corn to suffice the ethanol plants as well as the feed and food industries that provide nutrition for animals and humans alike. ?With the recent and continued rise of the ethanol industry, the percentage of available, consumable corn will continue to decline at a rapid rate.? In the past four decades, the percentage of corn used for animal feed has dropped from 80% to 50%, and ethanol production has increased by 250% in the last two years.? Additionally, an increase of 100% is expected within the next two to three years.?

Alltech's NALT will address these and other issues during its trip across the continent.? The lecture tour will visit the following locations:

January 8
Wausau, WI
Cedar Falls, IA

January 9
Springfield, MO
Amarillo, TX

January 10
Fresno, CA
Pendleton, OR

January 11
Sunnyside, WA
Twin Falls, ID

January 12
Winnipeg, MB
Owatonna, MN

January 15
Lancaster, PA
Harrisonburg, VA

January 16
Raleigh, NC
Auburn, AL

January 17???????
Knoxville, TN
Lafayette, IN

January 18???????
Columbus, OH
Guelph, ON

January 19???????
Burlington, VT
Ithaca, NY

For over 26 years, Alltech has provided natural, nutritional solutions for the food and feed industries.? For more information about Alltech or NALT, visit