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Alltech and NACA Announce 2006 Shrimp Health Management Training Workshop

[ Lexington , KY ] - The shrimp industry has undergone many changes in the past five years with the impact of food safety issues, the introduction of Penaeus (Litopenaeus) vannamei into Asia and the price pressures on exported shrimp. Alltech is proud to collaborate for the second successive year with the Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia-Pacific (NACA) to hold its next ?EUR~Shrimp Health Management Training Workshop' for producers and professionals from 24-29 July, 2006 in Thailand.

"Modern shrimp farming places ever greater demands on producers. Increased requirements, as well as volatile prices, force producers to re-eveluate production technologies to be competetitive," explained Dan Fegan, regional technical manager-aquaculture, Alltech Thailand.

This year's workshop speakers include:

  • Dan Fegan , regional technical manager-aquaculture, Alltech Thailand
  • Dr. Pornlerd Charatchakool , technical manager, Novozymes A/S, Thailand
  • Mr. Julian Davies , managing director, Siam Natural Resources Co. Ltd., Thailand
  • Professor Tim Flegel , head of the Center for Shrimp Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Thailand

The five-and-a-half-day program will involve a three-and-a-half-day workshop and a two-day field trip. According to Fegan, "The content of the course will focus on postlarval quality and biosecurity, better cost control and better environmental management."

The cost of the workshop is US$550, which includes the course fee, materials, and accommodation during the field trip.

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