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32 participants from 10 countries attend Alltech and NACA Shrimp Health Management Training Workshop

[Bangkok, Thailand] -? Alltech, in conjunction with the Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia Pacific (NACA), hosted its second Shrimp Health Management Training Workshop recently. The workshop, the second such collaboration between Alltech and NACA, attracted 32 participants from 10 countries including China, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brunei from 24th - 29th July, 2006, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event consisted of three and a half days of seminar-style workshop in the Jasmine Hotel, Bangkok, and a two-day field trip to Chachoengsao, Chantaburi, and Trat provinces. This year's course continued to take a holistic view of shrimp health management including key business concepts of farm management and a session on shrimp nutrition covering both Penaeus monodon and Penaeus vannamei. Other aspects of the course focused on shrimp biology, postlarval quality and biosecurity, pond and environmental management, shrimp health and farm business and economic management with a number of well-known industry experts.

This year's speakers included:

  • Mr. Dan Fegan, Regional Technical Manager-Aquaculture, Alltech Thailand
  • Dr. Pornlerd Charatchakool, Technical Manager, Novozymes A/S, Thailand
  • Mr. Julian Davies, Managing Director, Siam Natural Resources Co. Ltd., Thailand
  • Professor Tim Flegel, Head of the Center of Excellence for Shrimp Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Centex Shrimp), Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Dr. Chalor Limsuwan, Department of Fisheries, Kasetsart University, Thailand

"This year's course built on last year's highly successful course with a few changes based on feedback from last year's participants. Moving the course to a hotel in the center of Bangkok allowed participants more freedom to enjoy their time off and a more relaxed atmosphere for the course itself. In terms of content, new aspects such as basic shrimp nutrition concepts were also included and the farm business management section was revised and expanded. This last aspect is important as, given today's highly competitive shrimp market, cost efficiency and general business management can mean the difference between success or failure of a farm. By giving farm technicians a better understanding of the business of shrimp farming, they can make better, more informed, business decisions." explained Dan Fegan, regional technical manager-aquaculture, Alltech Thailand.

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