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20th International Grassland Congress

The International Grassland Congress (IGC) is the premier world event for grassland research and development and attracts over 1000 delegates from 100 countries around the world. Since its beginning in 1927 in Leipzig, Germany, the IGC has been held every four years in different locations each time. In 2005, the conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland. The main conference will take place between Sunday 26th June and Friday 1st July. The main congress is followed by five concurrent satellite workshops each of 3 - 4 days in various locations in the UK and Ireland.

In developing the Scientific Programme for the Congress, there has been substantial international consultation regarding the sessions and lead speakers. The theme for this year - 'Grasslands - a global resource', reflects the concept of grassland as a vital resource in most of the agro-climatic zones of the world for food production, income generation, and environmental sustainability and enhancement.

Alltech has dedicated years of resources to conduct in-depth research into the area of silage and inoculants, as such, they are proud to be associated with the congress. They are the key sponsors of the 'Overcoming Seasonality of Production' session, which takes place on from 9.00-10.30am on Friday 1st July.

Satelite Workshop

A satellite workshop will take place in Belfast from 3-6 July 2005.??

Titled: Silage production and utilisation incorporating the XIV International Silage Conference.


  • Silage production and utilisation in Ireland and the EU
  • Current practices and science underpinning the use of silage in milk and meat production
  • Ensiling techniques
  • Silage production from tropical forages
  • Techniques for chemical and biological characterisation of silages

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